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Where your parents/grandparents make you go to be around people you have never seen in your life.
At home... || You: No mom, no! I'm not going somewhere that has old women who I've never met before pinching my cheek!
Mom: *trying to pull you of the staircase banister* You're...going...and...that's...FINAL!!
You: *being dragged to the car* NO!!!
At the Family Reunion...
Some old lady that's related to you: *grabs your cheek with finger nails that feel like electricity* So cute! She looks exactly like her aunt Myrtle!
You: *to yourself* Who the hell is Myrtle?! *then out loud* Help I need an adult who isn't covered in wrinkles!
by ThatA7xFanPerson June 24, 2011
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