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3 definitions by That one person

a fat noobish asshole
Drildgen is sutch an Asshole omg
i know
by That one person February 06, 2005
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Ballston Spa, contrary to other definitions, is most possibly the most eventful town in upstate New York. We've got a bottle museum. Dude, who WOULDN'T want that? We got a spring. Sure you may have a spring in your town, but ours is better. Sure we have some rednecks. Sure I may be partially one. But rednecks have more fun riding lawn mowers in figure eights than accountants.

synonyms: fun, awesome, really cool place
antonyms: boring, lazy town
related words: B-Spa, be there
Yo! I just went to Ballston Spa and had a revelation. B-Spa Be there!
by That One Person April 27, 2012
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A stupid cum guzzlin bastard who is over concerned about money.
Hey Thaiboi! You are such a fag!
by That one person March 12, 2005
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