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An open minded, intelligent person that is not bound or restricted by the boundries of christian or aethistic beliefs
I dont care enough to believe therfore i am not wrong.
by That one guy January 28, 2004
The most beautiful girl you will ever meet.
Kristyn is very sweet and kind, but lashes out when attacked or accused of something.
Kristyn is kind hearted and will always be there for you when you need her.
Kristyn is an awesome person.
Kristyn enjoys listening to rap music and hip hop, AKA blackpeople music.
She is very aggressive and will FUCK YOU UP.
Kristyn bought me lunch today because I had no money, she's so sweet.
by That one Guy March 07, 2012
This is one of the only good shows I've ever seen on Nickelodeon, since it was made for the older audiences.

The show "Invader Zim" had many teenagish content (which is very rare to see on Nickelodeon nowadays) such as gross things and cruel actions against people and cute fuzzy animals. Most of the episodes were cut for timing and/or offensive content.

Invader Zim's triumph was at an end after a year later it was cancelled. Many people got very angry and Nickelodeon and when they had the chance they recorded the reruns and put it on the internet.

Oh and the creator of the show is Jhonen Vasquez.
It's rare to find a TV show that has teenage content nowadays. Why must the paranoids have to be so cruel to our television network?
by That one guy February 12, 2005
The stupidiest war that has ever been fought... Ever. It's usually filled with stupid graphic whoring fanboys and nerds who always have to point out every detail of a console thinking that the more power it has the better it is. (Newsflash: Just cause it has more power doesn't mean it's instantly better. For example the SNES didn't need fancy graphics just to create awesome games.).
With the release of the Nintendo DS and PSP the stupidity has taken to a next level, man I should write an article called "Nintendo geeks versus Sony freaks"

(Oh yeah and freak is used as an insult, I can't believe people title themselves as 'freaks', I'll just point and laugh at them.)
by That one guy April 10, 2005
Purpose misspelling of the world special meaning that someone is retarded and needs to get a life and or get away from you.
Person you dont know: Hey look what I can do!
You: Wow, you're espical... Dumbass
by That one guy February 07, 2004
A famous portable device that is hated by nerdy nintendo fanboys and is WAY too overrated by PSP graphic whoring dumbasses

Who cares, both handhelds are good so far. Just cause the PSP plays Mp3s (Ever heard of CD PLAYERS) and videos/movies (Quite impressive) doesn't mean its incredibly good instantly.

Be GLAD sonyroolz isn't here.
Nerdy Nintendo Fanboy: The Nintedo DS's touch screen gives innovation thatnintendobeenonmarket.....(SNORT)))

by That one guy May 02, 2005
Jack In The Box restaurant
"We're gonna head down to the meat hammer and order a colostomy burger."
by that one guy August 11, 2003

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