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An individual that is unaware that they are the cause of an automatic door to open. Often harmless unless the outside temperature is frigid and the opening of the door leads to unwanted bursts of cold air.
It was fricking cold outside & that door bastard kept tripping the automatic sensor so we nearly froze our a$$e$ off in the lobby.
by That old guy January 30, 2009
One of the best attractions at Manville. Sometimes a stripper crazy cheerleader. An expert in "girly lady tricks."
Does that glitter tits need a ride?
by That Old Guy February 04, 2010
(pronounced "Agree-U-ment") when two people sound like they are arguing, but passionately having a conversation that they agree about.
He and I had a huge agreeument the other night.
by That Old Guy January 19, 2011
Noun or Verb: The instance or action of vomitting in one's mouth but not expelling.

I ran into my ex & just thinking of what a skank she's become, I mouth chucked right there.
by That old guy March 05, 2009

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