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Punk is whatever you want, but isnt what I say it is. If I told you what punk was it wouldnt be right and if you told me youd be wrong. The music is only an expression of whats in the world and heart that created it.
"Punk is all about being who you are and saying fuck the rest of you"

"Punk is three chord songs played by garage rock bands in the late seventies"
by That kid you hated November 17, 2004
-Usually found on tatoos it means a guys got bad luck and/or hes a guy whos been through a lot.
-Can be used for white trash or middle class who know they started life without a chance.
Q: "Life sucks man."
A: "Yeah well we were born to lose"
by That kid you hated November 17, 2004
- Religeon in which the priest are dreamers with guitars and the followers are kids with no money, no voice, and nothing to lose.
- Music which cannot be called jazz, classical, and/or hip hop.
- My favorite waste of productive time.
"How bout a cheer for all those boys that play that rock n roll. They love it like you love Jesus. It does the same thing to their souls"- Tom Petty
by That kid you hated November 17, 2004
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