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Lucas Heights is a small government owned testing facility near Sydney, Australia. It is operated by ANSTO. Located at Lucas Heights are 2 low powered nuclear reactors and various other testing facilities that have interesting pieces of research equipment.

The "HIFAR" High Flux Australian Reactor located at the Lucas Heights site is a very old reactor which is used only for research purposes. It has an output of 5MW. The HIFAR Reactor is fuelled by 8 kilograms of uranium which is enough to fill one coffee cup. It will be de-comissioned when the OPAL Reactor is operational.

The "OPAL" Open Pool Australian Lightwater Reactor is a more modern research reactor that is in the final stages of being built and will have an output power 10MW when completed.
Guard: Welcome to Lucas Heights, please show your photo ID at the security booth up ahead.

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