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This girl? You wanna hear about this girl? Well to be honest she's a total B.A. or in other words a Culo de Mal!!! She's Mama Synds, and totally legit. Also gorgeous, funny as hell , and just all around amahzingg... like oh em gee what the hell why is she just like the greatest person in the world?! Shes the bomb to my diggity, the apple of my eye and the pickle in my pants. She doesnt like celery on her pickle either but shes defitnitly wickety wickety WACK. And DAYUMMM she gets good grades...sometimes ;)
Also see HenEffHERR for more on this girl.
Jennifer needs to stop being so culo de mal!! Its really retarded how she and I fight over that type of shtuff.
by That chick named WhoLeeUHH December 06, 2010

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