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one who wears "X's" on both of their hands, to signify that one neither drinks nor smokes. Started in California, where we’ve got more bounce, it’s used as an unspoken message to people in a club, specifically nightclubs. As to say: “Hey! I’m ‘clean’ & 'edge' so I don’t drink or do X… so don’t offer.”
1.) Boy #1: (holding up a 6 pack) Hey bro, you chill?
Boy #2: Naw, I’m edge. (holds up hands with "X's" on them) But thanks.
by That boy, Timmy October 23, 2006
1.) Weed, ecstasy, PCP, etc…
2.) A good tyme (time)
1.) "We got more bounce in California, than all ya'll combined!"
2.) "Chea! That was a chyll chill) time... we gotsta bounce lyke that more!"
by That boy, Timmy October 23, 2006
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