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On Friday 12th November 2004, i met the hardest and most solid man in my life. With his sexy greyish/black barnet, huge biceps and earpiece, he certainly looked like he could knock out Arnold Schwarzenegger anyday.
He came along looking to confiscate cans of beer from underage drinkers, only to walk away empty handed (making a complete tit out of himself). He did scare everyone though and stopped them from underage drinking ever again.
He went back in his car and started to feel how incredibly massive his biceps are. they were huge. and he looked ever harder with that haircut and ear piece.
oooooo look at my muscles
by That Solid Copper From Fat Sams November 16, 2004
richard broad AKA richie b is the worlds leading gangstarr. He is notorious round the rough streets of Holmesfield, and is the ring leader of the HBC (Holmesfield Business Crew). His power in the underground is huge, and he is known to assasinate people for fun. do not get in the gangstarrs way, or u wil b dealt with severly.
Richie B: yo brutha im-a bust a cap in yo white ass
by That Solid Copper From Fat Sams November 20, 2004
The man from cooplands had the worlds largest nose. it took up the entire shop. it was so big that trad had to leave cooplands, because there was no room left in there for him.
Also his skin was paler than tip-ex.
Man from cooplands: I'l have a steak bake please, and err, i'l have one for the nose
by That Solid Copper From Fat Sams November 20, 2004
Bunch (of) Monkey Wankers. BMW
do u no wot BMW really stands for? its Bunch of Monkey Wankers
by That solid copper from fat sams November 13, 2004

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