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A person who uses their tablet to take pictures instead of using their phone or camera.
Nick: Ugh, I can't see the stage at all because of all these idiots blocking my view with their tablets.
Mark: Padholes. Padholes everywhere.
by That Guy With The Face August 23, 2013
Blame the controller
Mark: Stupid game! I only lost because the button jammed!
Nick: Don't BTC, dude.
by That Guy With The Face July 07, 2013
When a person uses multiple accounts or certain programs to gain likes and/or views on their comments and posts.
Mark: Hey look at this. The guy who's advertising his channel already has 12 likes and his comment isn't even 2 minutes old.
Nick: Oh yeah, this dude totally has a likebot.
by That Guy With The Face July 06, 2013
A woman sporting an outfit consisting of shorts or a skirt coupled with Ugg boots.
Mark: Why is that girl wearing furry boots and shorts? That makes no sense.
Nick: Ignore her, she's just an eskiho.
by That Guy With The Face July 22, 2013
A person who has a constant need to stop and take pictures every few minutes (usu. when on vacation or during a new experience).
Nina: Hang on! Mark, take a picture of me by the sign.
Mark: You know, we don't have to stop every 20 seconds to snap pictures. I swear you're a photoholic.
by That Guy With The Face August 07, 2013
The process by which a single trait from a character is overstated and brandished to the point that it becomes the character's only trait. Flanderization is almost always for the worst and tends to draw viewers away from the the medium that the character represents.
Nick: I don't get it. Why is it that Brian Griffin was the voice of reason in earlier seasons of Family Guy, but now he is just a liberal douche?
Mark: Ever since the flanderization of the main characters back in season 4, the show really has taken a turn for the worst.
by That Guy With The Face January 04, 2014
Used to describe SkyDoesMinecraft, a famous Minecrafter, and his annoying fanbase that consists of stupid 9-year-olds. The Sky Army is known for killing squids, renaming gold items to "Budder" and yelling at people who say "gold".
Mark: God, dang it, someone on the server just blew up my squid farm!
Nick: Was probably one of those Sky Army fags.
by That Guy With The Face July 07, 2013

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