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A girl who takes an outrageous number of selfies
Hey that girl Sarah is the Selfie Queen
by That guy joe November 05, 2012
1.A being so awesome that the only way to comprehend its awesomeness is to give it food,money, women, or anything of great value.

2.A really awkwardly shaped person who sometimes makes weird noises.

3.A generally a cool person.
Woah did you just see Godfrey over there, i dont know about you but i think i want to give him all my money and other things of great value to me.

"You know that guy with really long arms?" SlenderMan?"No, the one that beatboxs occasionally" Godfrey? "Yeah ,him."

That guy is such a Godfrey, i think i want to be his friend.
by That Guy Joe October 08, 2012
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