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This phrase functions as an adjective when describing a girl who is just so fucking "Warped Tour." When a girl wears To Write Love on Her Arms tee shirts everyday and shops hardcore at Urban Outfitters, she qualifies as a "Warped Tour."
"Dude, Kerri is like so fuckin' Warped Tour..."


"Yea dude she's like so HXC and all that shit. Look at that 'To Write Love on Her Arms' tee shirt she's rocking..."

by That Guy 65 February 10, 2009
When one is listening to an orgasmic pop/rock radio ballad with lots of Auto-Tune and effects, and can't help but put one or two fists in the air to the music.
"Bro, you're fisting hard to that new Fall Out Boy record..."

"Dude, that new Miley Cirus hit is fistable..."
by That Guy 65 January 29, 2009
When one is listening to a song on 95.1 and it is loaded, drenched, slathered, and pretty much soaked in delay, reverb, Auto-tune, and fake drums, and the listener puts his/her fists into the air celebrating the invention of such effects for music.
"Hey Bromeo, this song is drenched in autotune and crazy effects...

"Dudeliette! That's why I fuckin' love it..."

Double Fisting
by That Guy 65 February 03, 2009

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