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A sandwich sold at McDonalds, which causes otherwise dead fish to rap about Fish Rights.
"Give me back that Filet'o Fish; give me that fish!"
by That Depends; Who Are You? April 07, 2009
A musical play by Andrew Lloyd Webber, stolen from a poem book by T.S. Elliot, in which people dress up in fabulous/stupid cat costumes and sing the exact the words of T.S. Elliot's poems; mixed with some original, but dumb, songs by Webber. The musical is most famous for the ballad, 'Memory'.
Man #1: Hey, I've got two tickets to Cats. You wanna come?
Man #2: The musical Cats? What are you, too lazy to read the book?
by That Depends; Who Are You? September 05, 2009
A man/horse who thinks he can still get away with playing Jesus in "Jesus Christ Superstar" despite the fact the movie version he stared in was made 1,000 years ago.
"I saw Ted Neeley in the park and asked to ride him, but my dad said I would probably break him."
by That Depends; Who Are You? April 30, 2009
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