17 definitions by That Bum

You should crawl out of your cave and get one.
"Go get a life you lifeless person!"
by That Bum June 03, 2005
KFC used to be Kentucky Fried Chicken, but it had leagal issues and is now Kitchen Fresh Chicken. Sounds a whole lot crappier.
{spacefiller} {spacefiller} {spacefiller} {spacefiller}
by That Bum May 30, 2005
the keyboard layout before QWERTYstepped up to the plate.

Was used on old, crappy typewriters that jammed alot, so they made DVORAK keyboards instead of ABCDEF keyboards so typeists wwould type slower.
Why it went out of use I don't know. It's probably because typeists memorised the DVORAK combo, and made DVORAK typewriters jam, too...
by That Bum June 12, 2005

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