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Crappy to the furthest extent, Also really , really crappy.Another meaning is a decent insult. See also -> craptacular crap crappy
adj. "That hoopty was crappy-crap-crap." insult "That butt was crappy-crap-crap."
by That Bum April 30, 2005
Brownish colored beans that are shaped like a human kidney which are used to make red hot chili and which cause the eater of the chili to get gas!
"The recipe called for 5 cans of kidney beans."
by That Bum May 29, 2005
A combo of a user and a loser.
A luser is a person who tries to install software on their CPUer, but they end up calling customer support saying that the installer package asked them to press any key to continue, but they can't find a single key marked any...
by That Bum June 25, 2005
Pee that is very diluted and watery. It also has almost no smell.
see also->
My baby brother threw a diaper at me, and all the BABY PEE got all over my. It wasn't that bad though...
by That Bum May 03, 2005
BULLSHIT (hey, I first posted the word, so this isn't bad)
"Yo bro is commin home from juvie? Pee-shaw!"
by That Bum April 30, 2005
Crappy to the furthest extent. Also really, really crappy. See also=>

My frends thought the computer game Mega Monkeys 4 was CRAPTACULAR.
by That Bum May 24, 2005
The type of beens that make you fart the most of all beans. At least in my opinion. They are also known almost everywhere.
I ate GARBANZO BEENS last week, and now I need a fan on my @$$ to stay in range with somebody within 50 feet!
by That Bum May 22, 2005

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