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A combination of shelving with cabinets; like a bookshelf that also has a hutch (a hutch is a compartment for storage usually with doors).
Please take the books off the shabinet shelves so I can finish carving this picture in the doors.
by Thai Chivette March 12, 2013
Massive Sperm Buildup: suffered by males only; very similar symptoms to a female's PMS.

When a man hasn't been able to bust a nut in a while and thus becomes cranky, bitchy, whiney and down right intolerable.
I wish he would get laid already so he can relieve his MSB because I'm tired of his whiney-ass bitching!
by Thai Chivette July 19, 2014
When tooting/snorting a large line of an illegal substance up your nose and it makes the nostril burn.
Besides burning, that wormburner really made my nose run but damn if I ain't high!
by Thai Chivette September 30, 2012

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