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3 definitions by Thadeus Thunderwinkle


1.) An amusing game from the early 90’s with an epic commercial. It is widely believed that everyone who has ever played this has lost every metal ball by now.

2.) A hilarious one-word salutation usually made while drunk that requires no explanation; the Rick Roll of phone calls. If you have to explain Crossfire to them the next day, they probably aren’t worth talking to ever again. Can also be used as a verb when you totally own someone who doesn’t see it coming.
“Hey, wanna play Crossfire?”
“No. What are you, twelve?”

Phone Call

"Hey, sup, dude? Is the weather that bad on the road?"



“Damnit, dude. You knew I had that important interview at 8. Why the hell did you Crossfire me at 2 AM on a Wednesday?”
by Thadeus Thunderwinkle March 19, 2010
1.) The process of having one's gallbladder removed in order to dry and preserve it for the sake of wearing it as a necklace, making a bizzare fashion statement no one understands.


In ancient Mayan cultures it was rumored to be an operation done to symbolize the strength and power in a warrior because of his ability to withstand the pain of its removal.
Lady Gaga's new spin off of Flava Flav’s infamous clock, gazmoriplat made its debut on the red carpet at the Grammy Awards. This shocking and grotesque accessory, resembling a large slab off discolored dried beef, was greeted with disgust from her fellow celebrities.
by Thadeus Thunderwinkle May 03, 2012
crawl - noun, a large unified traveling group of zombies
The crawl overtook the fences that was separating the survivors from danger.
by Thadeus Thunderwinkle November 15, 2013