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2 definitions by Thade

n. Devilment, craic or otherwise light-hearted banter. Alluding to any news or gossip when used in the expression "What's the jackonary?"
I'm going to give Jayo a call and see if there's any jackonary down in the local booze establishment.
by Thade November 26, 2007
The acute anxiety one feels accompanying a hangover following a night of excessive drinking due to a feeling that one said or did something remembered or unremembered that was ill-advised or embarrassing or may be construed by others as ignorant or abominable. Comes in doses. Likely to be of Corkonian origin.
Fiona dry-humped the boss in front of everyone at the Christmas party; she must have a terrible dose of the rats this morning.

I can't remember doing anything bad last night but for some reason I've an awful dose of the rats today.
by Thade November 26, 2007