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Extremely crabby all of the time like it has infected the person.
Jeez Molly did you come down with crabinitis? You have really been a bitch lately!!!
by Thad Munson February 05, 2010
Standing in front of your significant other, or someone else, with a big smile, swinging your junk back and forth so it slaps against your legs. Works best right after you get out of the shower.
When Brandon got out of the shower he showed Cassie slappy slappy so she would wake up.
by Thad Munson February 05, 2010
Extremely large beef curtains. When the lips of a girls vagina hang very low.
Wow, Taya (from rock of love) has a meat nugget..... really check it out.
by Thad Munson June 02, 2009

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