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2 definitions by Thababygirl

i agree, most ppl on here, do use racial slurs and i'm sure they get a rise out of saying the N-word without getting their ass beat. i'm black and i don't even like using that word because it makes me look dumb 4 calling my own race a derogatory term. but yea, racist hoes are ppl who are eitha overtly or covertly racist.
person A: i hate all minorities, why don't they all go back 2 their country???!!
Person B: that is so racist!! you do know you sound like a racist hoe right now, u and all you're friends are racist hoes!!
by Thababygirl March 07, 2006
biggest rap group so far that worship the devil. u'll believe it when u actually think about their name!! and in stay fly, tha lady singing in the backround, says u are god, u are king, lucifer.
person 1: u heard that new three 6 mafia song??

person 2: no, i don't listen to devil music
by Thababygirl March 09, 2006