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1 definition by Tha_Messiah

anyone who loves skateboarding and actually appreciates and tries it. As soon as you say, "im tired of skating lets do sumthing else," you lost your title as a skateboarder. Skateboarders can be from any social group. I skate everyday and never get tired of it. That means that yes i am a skateboarder. Although sum dumbasses smoke pot and use drugs, not all skateboarders do. Not all skateboarders listen to rock either. I listen to rap music and wear loose baggy clothing. It doesnt matter if you play a team sport or not. Most people will laugh when they see a skateboarder try to do something and bust their ass. Then when asked to do it themselves they back down like pussies. To be a skateboarder you have to want to skateboard all the time. And be ready to skate at a moments notice
Tried to ollie a six set and i busted my ass
brittney laughed and made fun
as soon as i asked her to demonstrate how to olle a six set whe backed down and ran away

i have to use the word skateboarder
by Tha_Messiah March 20, 2007
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