3 definitions by Tha Muzza

While having sex with a partner pull out and squirt your special man sauce on the womens face. Before she can react throw your freshly shaved pubic hair on the gooey mess. The mending of the spunk and pubic hair will give the appearance of a naked women wearing the mask of a gorilla.
I didn't give her a pearl necklace, I gave her an gorilla mask!
by Tha Muzza December 18, 2006
When you meet a really stuck up chicky, bang her doggystyle, corkscrew 2 fingers up her ass and scrape some shit out, pull out your fingers and put one finger in each nostril. Pull her head back by her hair and yell "so you think your shit don’t stink?"
I met this girl who thought she was "hot shit"...I ended up giving her the beverly hills whiffer and now she knows whats up.
by Tha Muzza January 02, 2007
During a sexual act ejaculate into a woman's mouth. Immediately after ejaculating use your hand to cover her mouth restricting her from spitting. The reaction of not wanting to swallow the man juice will result in her cheeks swelling up like a squirrel.
She wouldn't swallow... so I gave her "squirrel cheeks"
by Tha Muzza December 19, 2006

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