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When you are falling behind, or doing poorly in an event, and the greater power or governing force allows you to catch up to the pack. The reverse effect is had on the pack leader.

Derived from Mario Kart -- the Greater Power of Mario Kart inevitably grants the 8th place racer stars and lightnings until he catches up with the pack. On the other side of the coin, the first place racer will receive bananas and green shells until his lead diminishes.
Jeremy, the CEO of an I-Banking firm, is doing very well.

Stu, the man dancing in the street wearing a sign for Mattress Land, is not doing so well.

The Mario Kart Effect takes place, and the government makes Jeremy pay more taxes than Stu -- hopefully one day they will both return to the pack and do pretty well.
by Tha DisManteller February 01, 2011

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