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A god or icon to the world spread community usually refered to as the Hibrchuchmans. There are many Hibrchuchmans but there is only one Hibr which all Hibrchuchmans worship and serve. The Hibr is also known as Hae-Yun, Hibrkochiman, Hibrkiyunka, Rarachuchmandiada, Rohman or Hibrrarachuchmankiyunkadiada.
The Hibr taught us how to hibrnate.
#hirchuchman #roh #hibrnation #hirkochi #north korea
by Tha CPT G November 05, 2006
a very long and skinny penis which is common in the hibrchuchman community.
Hae-Yun emptied his hibrkochi
#hibr #dick #hibrchuchman #penis #cock
by Tha CPT G November 05, 2006
A synonym for Pokemon. If you like Pokemon and talk about it with your friends and dont want to get embarassed by other people relealizing what crap you are talking about, you say warrior.
Rhydon and Articuno are my favourite warriors.
#pokemon #pikachu #bulbasaur #squirtle #ash #misty
by Tha CPT G December 05, 2006
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