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It has been coined as showing everyone the peace sign on the way out the door.
Friend 1: Yo, you going to that party mayne?
Friend 2: Yeah brah, I'm throwing up deuces now.
by Th3Pr0diGy July 15, 2009
The dopest shit of all time... I know you bitches wanna get on this shit hoooos.

Vraxing - The act of being mad fucked up.
Jim: Damn dawg, I'm fucked up
John: Yeah son, I'm vraxing.
by Th3Pr0diGy July 15, 2009
What one would call a female. Usually, a man referring to pussy.
Yo noog, let's go to McDonald's and get a fish piece.
by Th3Pr0diGy July 15, 2009
A word used to describe any random bitch.
Yo Squallay! Let me work them hips later ho.
by Th3Pr0diGy July 15, 2009
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