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To have had one's breasts fondled. Past participle (and most common form) of top
"I've been topped before"
by Thê Ãtømï¢ Þhrêäk December 25, 2004
Welsh translation of 'Merry Christmas'. Lit. 'Christmas Merry', since the Welsh language, like many others, places most adjectives after the noun.

The 'LL' in Llawen is intranscribable in English, but is produced by pressing the front and sides of the tongue to the top of the mouth and simply exhaling, so a sound similar to the 'ttl' in settle, but without the harsh 'T' sound, is produced.
Alun: Nadolig Llawen Nia!
Nia: Bore da, Alun! Nadolig Llawen a ti hefyd!
by Thê Ãtømï¢ Þhrêäk December 25, 2004
Acronym: Bored Out Of My F*cking Mind
I h8 this plce. Im BOOMFM!
by Thê Ãtømï¢ Þhrêäk September 04, 2004
In guitar terminology, 'hair' is a type of distortion that you get on an amp. It's a minor distortion that is in addition to the clean sound.
"There's just a little bit of hair on that, can ya hear it?"
by Thê Ãtømï¢ Þhrêäk January 08, 2005
Acronym: Long Time No Speak

Used primarily on the Internet and in SMS messages.
Person: Hey!
You: Hey! LTNS! How are you?
by Thê Ãtømï¢ Þhrêäk February 21, 2004

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