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Don't go there, there are no parties, just a few people in one room drinking, anything bigger would be busted up in five minutes, its a junior college and there are very few people who are 21 on campus, and willing to buy you alcohol. You need to sign an attendance contract, skip more than two classes a semester and you are automatically withdrawn from the class, then told to live off campus. Easy moneymaker way for them to get you to withdraw altogether and keep your $38K tuition
Friend A: Where do you go to school

Friend B: Dean College

Friend A: Too Bad
by Tgod October 03, 2006
a drink cocktail which consist of Stem tea (Weed tea), Vodka, orange crush, and red bull. which leads to an interesting cross fade.

Was originally created at the University of Arizona
D-chi is having a party lets make some space cronic for the pregame.

Lets make some Space cronic Before we head to the sugar. shack
by TGOD February 14, 2012

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