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A Mushroom...one of the crazy kind. ^.~
ALSO an awesome Incubus Song from the Fungus Amoungus CD!
Psychopsilocybin...the runnin' horny motha fucka.
by Tezzy Dowzy November 19, 2004
Jurry is a "Gangsta" way of saying the name Jerry.
My Lao Friend Jerry always calls himself Jurry, and Calls me "Turry" Since my name is Terry. O_o
Me:Yo. What is up, Jurry?
Jerry: Nothin', Turry.
by Tezzy Dowzy November 19, 2004
My word.
Also known as another word for being confused!
By Crikey, Because of this friggin' puzzle, I'm pretty friggin' Conbefaffled!
by Tezzy Dowzy November 19, 2004
Something I say out of frustration...Also doubles as a cute sheep noise. ^,~
Bah, I don't wanna do that! >.<;
by Tezzy Dowzy November 23, 2004
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