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It occurs in traffic and often leads to a bad accident. One car is stopped. Another car coming in the opposite direction wants to turn left in front of the stopped car. The driver of the stopped car waves as if to say "it's OK to make the left turn in front of me". However, in the empty lane to the right of the stopped car, here comes another car whose driver has no idea that the left-turning car got the OK wave. The left-turning car and the car in the empty lane hit together usually pretty hard. Thus, the wave of death.
I was in an accident because some asshole gave another driver the wave of death.
by Texmex March 13, 2012
A word similiar to shlong and shlort. However it is much longer than both. Can be used as an adjective or a noun.
My penis is so big!
I dont believe you.
(Whip it out)
It's Shluge! (adj.)

Man my dick is so long its a shluge (noun)
by TexMex March 01, 2004
A fairly wierd place when one moment u can be in downtown Philly then go past w. chester and be in bumble fuck.... a place where the closest anything is atleast 30 min away... a place where there is some damn good chocolate and ketchup and cheesesteaks and potatoes.... and yea so what if our sports teams suck (im speaking of philly here) atleast when they do win or we're playing rivals we will throw snow and mud on the feild in thier defense.... and even tho it is a tired ass boring place to live in... its still my home and i (mostly) love it....
At least we are only 2 hours away from DC and NYC
by TexMex July 31, 2004

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