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The act of pulling out of a girls vagina directly before ejaculation and covering her stomach in hot man jam
I didnt wanna get that bitch pregnant so I snatched and gave her a jelly belly
by Texhnolyze March 21, 2007
A video game originally for the NES, highlighted comedically by the black trainer stealing the main characters bicycle several times forcing him to run after him
I wanna play Mike Tysons punchout but because Mike Tyson was a junkie and a wife beater they changed the last guy to a more kid friendly opponent Mr Dream
by Texhnolyze March 26, 2007
What old dirty hippies used to call a bong
"Last night I hold Aladdins Lamp so I wished I could stay Before the thing could answer me
Well, someone came and took the lamp away"

Plus you obviously have to be high to come up with the shit Steppenwolf did
by Texhnolyze December 22, 2006
A bisexual black person
Leroy kept winking at me at the bar last night Im pretty sure hes a bigro
by Texhnolyze March 26, 2007
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