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2 definitions by Texas Patriot (One Individual)

3.) Tea Party members are Americans who are tired of political lies on both sides of the isle, they are tired of excessive and abundantly wasteful government spending, and they are tired of those who embrace mediocrity as a means to get by rather then embraces the historically rare and unheard of opportunity presented by this incredible republic. That being: the chance to make of ones self that which one desire, without persecution, and without hindrance.

4.) The Tea Party is a group of people whose ideals are terrifying to those who embrace the large and powerful government philosophy, those who crave power, control, and see humanity as pawns on a chess board. Yet the Tea Party, despite being branded as racist, hate mongers, Nazis, Anti-Semites, and a plethora of other less then desirable terms, surges forward through non-violent, productive exercises in education, service and awareness to the cause of freedom. They fight for freedom of speech, religion, the right to bare arms etc. so much so, that they would even fight for progressives, liberals and blinded Americans to continue to have the freedom to launch grenades of outlandish, hateful, vile, and grotesquely inaccurate lies though the media and to ears and minds of the America people in a desperate attempt to discredit the Tea Party.
"The Tea Party is actually fighting for the rights of everyone!! Incredible!!"
by Texas Patriot (One Individual) September 16, 2011
1.) A grass-roots movement that has gained extreme momentum across the United States since its inception in April of 2009.

2.) A group of individuals that believe in the ACTUAL founding principals of America. Those being that man has the right and opportunity to rule himself by his own means and through the divine wisdom of almighty God, and that the purpose of Government is merely to protect the people from those who wish to do them harm and infringe upon their God-given rights.
"The Tea Party has really stepped and exercised their responsibility to expose those power hungry, government fat-cats who are steeped in dept and blinded by their own selfish ambitions; thank God for the Tea Party."
by Texas Patriot (One Individual) September 16, 2011