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Greatest movie ever made, featuring the music of Daft Punk
Did you see Interstella 5555? I creamed myself like five times watching that.
by Teven Styler April 15, 2005
Song by Daft Punk from the Homework album that has you bobbing your head for the entire song.
Did you see the video for Da Funk? That was RAD!
by Teven Styler April 15, 2005
Combo guard, 6'3" 190 lb, captain and the most popular player of the Chicago Bulls. After being drafted #7 in 2003, Hinrich helped the Bulls turn around from the worst in the league to the playoffs in only his second year. Kirk played for four years at the University of Kansas under Coach Roy Williams, where he led the Jayhawks to two consecutive Final Fours and within three points of a national championship.
Q: Dude, who's that white dude with the Harry Potter hair?
A: Oh, that's Captain Kirk. He's the best. He can defend anybody and hit the big shot. Kirk Hinrich's the man!
by Teven Styler April 15, 2005
1. The only reason why Aerosmith is famous.

2. Actress who first became famous when she portrayed a stripper in her father's music video
Steve Tyler is still old.
by Teven Styler April 15, 2005
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