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A place of residency
I'm about to go to my cribsky!
by TeTay September 19, 2006
To engage in conversation with another human being with the intentions to perform sexual actions.
Persons #1- "Deam, I'm tryin to smash that!"
Persons #2- "You should go spread the cheese."
by Tetay October 20, 2006
to participate in the act of sleeping
I couldn't slap the sheets until she licked the yoat off my leg.
by Tetay October 28, 2006
unfavorable; negative towards oneself
Yo, you's a dick eatin' bol.
by TeTay September 20, 2006
A Caucasian Male
Deam, he's a carzy ass whit bol.
by TeTay September 16, 2006
Deer Park Brand Natural Spring Water Bottles
Yo, let me get a DP from Poppa Dolb's hailse.
by TeTay September 16, 2006
Trojan Latex condoms
I'm always packin' TC's before I spread the cheese.
by Tetay October 28, 2006

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