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Developed in the late 1940's by the soviets with design inspiration from the German MP44,the AK47 Kalashnikov is the world's most common military arm.Chambered for the 7.62x39mm round,it fires from a closed bolt,is gas operated,select fire,and is fed via a 30 round detachable box magazine,as well as drums of various capacity.Although not notably accurate at longer distances,the AK47 is extremely dependable and easily maintained.
The AK47 is so easy to disassemble and maintain,that any idiot can be trained to use one.
by Testicules Popsofolot March 14, 2003
Someone who takes it in the ass.
French people are mud merchants.
by Testicules Popsofolot March 14, 2003
also see"jaffie"
That jaffie got peanut butter on my chocolate!
by Testicules Popsofolot March 14, 2003

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