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Hayley Williams is the lead singer singer of the band Paramore.

After moving to Franklin, Tennesee when she was young, Williams met Josh Farro (lead guitar) and Zac Farro (drums), who, at the time, already had their own band. She later met Jeremy Davis (bass) while singing in a funk cover band. They later came together to form Paramore.

Williams is known for her vibrant, red hair and spunk. She is adored by many teenage boys (And girls) across the country.

Guy 1: I touched Hayley Williams' hand last night at the P-more concert!

Girl 2: Oh, God, I love her! SO sexy.

Guy 1: ...
by Terryn Gladoh August 17, 2008
Full name: Joshua Neil Farro

DOB: September 29, 1987

Joshua (Josh) is the lead guitarist of the band Paramore. His brother Zac Farro is the drummer of said band.

random facts:

- was the screamer on Paramore's album All We Know Is Falling

- enjoys mozzarella cheese

- has been rumored to date the singer of Paramore, Hayley Williams, though the REAL fans know this isn't true

- prefers Eminem to 50 cent

Josh has said himself that he can come off as hostile, but is a kind person. When he loves, he loves hard.

Josh Farro- also known as the fixation of many teenage girls (myself included) across the country.

Person One: Who's Josh Farro?

Person Two: My fiancée.
by Terryn Gladoh July 10, 2008

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