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3 definitions by TerryD

When someone throws-up and it resembles any kind of chili.
-The other night while laying in bed after a long night of drinking, my wife wolf branded all over her self.

-guy #1: What is wrong with you?
-guy #2: I thinking about wolf branding.
by TerryD September 08, 2010
4 1
A small horse, or a group of white trash rednecks.
#1:Is that a Mitchell?
#2:Aren't Mitchells the small horses?
by TerryD September 08, 2010
6 4
When someone has to leave a group of people to go take a shit.
Alyssa: I will be right back, I have to go change.
Me: Where did Alyssa go?
Other: She said she had to go change about 20 min ago.
Me: Changing must mean "Shitting"
by TerryD September 08, 2010
7 6