4 definitions by Terry Wyrick

Nam era REMF who thinks he knows it all and has done it all. This Halfmoon Bay Half wit is a good argument for eugenics.
This guy or any other KPIG lister would be a good example.
by Terry Wyrick July 09, 2004
What Barndweller listens to. This is the audio equilivant to licking an ashtray.
Hey Barn... get a real life... I'm sure cool things are happening down there in Redundant Beach.
by Terry Wyrick July 09, 2004
Gay Anger. From the Spanish word
He was Almadening us after we told his folks he was gay.
by Terry Wyrick October 27, 2003
Greg Menges natural habitat
sticking your head so far up you ass that you need a aqualung to breath
by terry wyrick April 28, 2004

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