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6 definitions by Terry T

An IT Contractor is a person that gets paid huge amounts of money for doing nothing at all. The IT Contractor first came into its own in 1999 when the world was conned into thinking all computers would crash at midnight , news years day 2000. This was the biggest scam of all time and has for ever since been a legend in IT Contracting circles.

Contractors can be seen most, if not all evenings, occupying large tables in Bars / Pubs and talking about how good Linux is and how end users are thick cunts.

See also Lazy Cunt , Idle , Scammer , Useless Tossers , Booze, Alcoholic
Help my company has too much money, we need to employ an IT Contractor.
by Terry T November 29, 2006
A Tampon / Tampax / Sanitary Towel. That horrible thing that women put on their cunts to soak up a period.
Oi you bitch, your fucking twat towel is lying on the toilet floor again.
by Terry T November 27, 2006
A Googlefart is a fart that appears to search out victims. Normally a Googlefart will attack you when you enter someones bedroom first thing in the morning or perhaps it will be lurking in a lift / elevator waiting for its next victim

Watch out ! Some cunt's dropped a googlefart in that lift.
by Terry T November 28, 2006
A wankertwat is someone who as well as being a complete twat also wanks themselves stupid as well. Wankertwats can be mainly spotted in major cities and towns. They normally wear suits and work in politics.

Due to their excessive wanking and the fact they are complete twats Wankertwats are normally quite blind to what is going on around them which is why they make good politicians.
I refer the honourable wankertwat to comments I made moments ago.
by Terry T November 28, 2006
A scrotscratcher is one of those annoying cunts that without warning starts scratching their bollocks. Sudden and violent sractching is often a sign of std's such as herpes.

This will generally mean that the subject that is scratching his nuts will either be a dity stop out thats sleeps with any slag or his wife / girlfriend is the local bike.
Vicar, dont be such a dirty fucking whore shagging scrotscratcher.
by Terry T November 28, 2006
Someone who is both Scum and a Cunt.
George Bush is a Scunt
by Terry T November 27, 2006