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Often synonymous with white trash whom live in a trailer surrounded by all of the various things associated with a trailer park i.e. broke down cars, broken appliances, dogs that have been on the chain so long they have worn a perfect circle in the dirt, children’s playpens, the broke stairs going up to the trailer, a total lack of any living plant life.

These people are often called so because of their resemblance to a chicken in a chicken coop picking at the dirt eating whatever they can find—often their own shit.

They can often be found kicking the hell out of their kids at walmart, spening all of their cash on scratch tickets and malt liquor, getting arrested on Cops, and cooking up meth in the back room. An extra rare sighting is one with all of their teeth.
That kid in the back of the class that smells like pee is from a clan of dirt chickens across town.

That redneck driving a huge truck with the rebel flag on it is the head dirt chicken.

Dirt chickens often eat their own poop.
by Terry McDonald August 28, 2007
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