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Second largest city in area in Cali which has one of the biggest natural harbors in the world and home to one of the biggest Navy/Marine Corp bases. Is a nice place to visit but if you want to live here prepaired to be bored to death. Home of the World Famous San Diego Zoo, San Diego Wild Animal Park, Sea World and LegoLand. Is also popular for having a Walmart in everytown in the county. The good thing is the wheather is nice (65-70 degrees) all year around and hardly has no real Seasons or rainfall. Most ppl who settle in this town come from all over usually because of relations to the Military. Natives of San Diego are hard to find but are growing. Think 1/4 to half of Los Angeles, Ca. Home of the laid back Chargers and Padres that imho would play better if the wheather was rougher. Boarders one of the most fastest growing cities in America, Chula Vista, Ca.
Yo homie, Im starting to like San Diego....from National City (See Nasty City)
by Terry Jamison, August 15, 2004
Where the Army's 10th mountain division finally got noticed.
(Sept 93) Hey the skinnys of this country of Somalia are real peaceful, but then again everywheres got its bad places.
by Terry Jamison, August 12, 2004
Dependent who grows up in military housing or area with parents or parent that learns the meaning of military life. Most learn that mom likes to watch T.V and eat junk food whilst dad goes on deployment forever. Both parents likes to cheat and pay little attention to the children. The dependent grows up usually with little or no respect for much in life while they run around the housing area at wee hours of the morning doing clandestine shit with other military brats dodging Shore Patrol/Military Police/Local Security.
I grew up as a military brat, look at me I turned out fine. Lets go shoot some pigeons and cats.
by Terry Jamison, August 12, 2004
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