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A group of TERRORISTS, thats right I said it, TERRORISTS, who launch rockets from schools and hospitals into Israel. They are NOT NOT NOT MILITANTS. In fact, Hezbollah does not reflect the beliefs of the majority of Lebanese citizens, and it is wrong to say that all Lebanese people act this way. The problem with this group, is that their attacks are launched from public places, and when others retaliate, they dont know where to do so without hurting civillians. HEZBOLLAH DOES THIS ON PURPOSE, and the sooner people figure that out, the sooner their reign will be terminated. They've hurt too many people to count, and destroyed too many lives. There. I described Hezbollah using no curse words, and given the circumstances, that's an accomplishment.
Hezbollah almost killed some great friends of mine this summer, and they must be stopped.
by Terrorist Fighter December 31, 2006
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