4 definitions by TerribleTarans

Glorious red mutton chops usually found on a ginger, sometimes accompanied by a sweet red molester mustache.
Dude check out that ginger guy with the crazy Lang Chops, I am super jealous of that guy!!!
by TerribleTarans August 03, 2009
A term that a man may use when he is bragging about sleeping with a female who has Cankles, or really fat ankles
Man I was rockin canks last night!! I hoisted this fatty's cankles way over my head and rammed the shit out of her blubber.
by TerribleTarans December 20, 2007
When it is late at night and you fuck your girlfriend in the butt and it is really messy. Then you let it air dry then the next morning she sucks your crusty cock.
This dude that I was playing video games with told me about how his girlfriend loves to give him crusty outlaws...I am so jealous of him!!!
by TerribleTarans May 06, 2009
When you make a batch of delicious brownies by using cum instead of eggs and when it is baked golden brown to perfection you use poop as frosting. You then feed the brownies to your beloved.
Hey Tony, you should have seen the batch of Hot Brownies that I baked last night. My girlfriend loved them!!!
by TerribleTarans August 01, 2008

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