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An awesome 12-hour concert held once a year that kicks major ass. 42,000 people attended in 2007 to rock out in Kansas City. Buck Cherry, Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin, Puddle of Mudd, Drowning Pool, Godsmack, Saliva, Federation of Horsepower, The Exies and Burden Brothers were some of the bands playing. If you missed it you should make plans to attend next year!
We went to kc rockfest and partied our asses off and heard some great bands.
by Terri Smith June 26, 2007
The results occurring from a collective effort by jackasses. Usually a good way to describe a policy put into effect by upper-management or highly paid goveernment officials. Usually presents itself in the form of new lawsor regulations.
The suits spent all day in a meeting to write up a new protocol and it is totally jackasinine and costly.
by Terri Smith January 14, 2007
To go on a walk or drive around the neighborhood with the intention of stopping and visiting with acquaintences before returning home.

An aimless trip around town with no specific destination, just killing time.
I asked John if he wanted to make a circle with me and see who was at the coffee shop.
by Terri Smith November 16, 2006
Ugly brown sandals that look like they have been worn since the time of Christ,usually worn by hippies and old men with terribly ugly feet
I really wish Joe would quit wearing those Jerusalem Boots with his jeans.
by Terri Smith February 02, 2007

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