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An awesome program made by Valve that lets you buy and download games directly to your computer. It also has a community system with a friend network, so you can play with other people online.

Often criticized by retards on the internet who think its slow and crashes too often. Blame your computer, folks, not Steam.
Steam has never crashed on me before, and its rarely slow. I haven't the slightest idea why people hate it.
by Terrazine November 16, 2011
A game based on DotA, developed by Riot Games. After its release, it became very popular (being a free game helped at that), and has earned a place in MLG and other eSports.

Correcting the other definitions, Riot Games did not make the original DotA in Warcraft III, they just modded the DotA map that was created by Eul.
Tim: Wanna play League of Legends?

Bob: You mean that Dota ripoff? No thank you

Tim: Its not a ripoff, LoL is much better gameplay-wise

Bob: I guess I'll try it

Soon after his first game, Bob becomes a dedicated League of Legends player.
by Terrazine October 23, 2011
The scene (emo) version of Charlie Sheen.
Hey, is that Charlie Sheen?

Nah, that's Charlie Scene, look at emo the clothes he's wearing.
by Terrazine September 11, 2011
Good luck have batman, a variant of GLHF coined by LifesAGlitchTV. Usually said at the start of a Starcraft II match to be friendly and sportsmanlike to your opponent.
player1: GLHF
player2: GLHB to you too!
player1: What??
player2: Good luck have batman
player1: Oh okay, you too I guess
by Terrazine November 02, 2011
A game that's similar to Minecraft, but with worse graphics, 2D gameplay (yes, 2D still exists in the 21st century, though it shoudn't), and overall bad design. Not a very interesting game, but can get very addicting.
Other guy: Cmon, let's play some Terraria

Me: Why, so I can play Minecraft with less features and dimensions? No thank you.
by Terrazine September 18, 2011

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