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1. it meens to bug or get on someones bad side

2. i've also heard it as a good term sayin i mess wit someone meening i roll wit that person

1. Yo boii don mess with me or i'll knock u out

2. YEA! did u see Jose man he popped 6 thugs! yea das y i mess with him
by Terencio July 11, 2006
Listen people are gettin gangsta lean wrong direction wise
a gangsta lean is when u have ur stereo bumpin nice and loud wit ur LEFT arm resting on the top of the door (where the windows come up) and layin flat back on da seat wit ur right arm on the steerin wheel and bobbin wit da beat
Homie 1: yo that looks tight driving like dat
homie 2 in car: yea its ma gangsta Lean
by Terencio September 01, 2006

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