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2 definitions by Teratoma69

The Coney Island Corn Dog is when a guy does a woman in the corn hole while riding the ferris wheel at Coney Island. However, this can occur at any amusement park.
Grandpa Granger: Hey sonny did you go to Coney Island the other day?

Danger Granger: Why yes grandpa, and I took my new girlfriend.

Grandpa Granger: Well I hope you gave her a Coney Island Corn Dog!

Danger Granger: I certainly did grandpa. Although I don't think you know what a Coney Island Corn Dog means these days.

Grandpa Granger: It's when you do your woman in the corn hole on the ferris wheel. Your grandma still enjoys a good Coney Island Corn Dog to this very day!

Danger Granger: I want to high-five you, but I think I'm gonna go now.
by Teratoma69 June 14, 2011
This technique is for the most skilled of slaterer's. One must be nimble and quick in order to accomplish this feat. It involves combining the classics "slatering" and the "upper decker." You sit on the top of the toilet in the AC slater position (from saved by the bell) and take a hot steamy dump in the upper deck.
Jorge: Hey man, what's wrong. Why is your face all bruised on your left side?

Carlos: Shit man, I was slatering the upper deck on your can and I fell off.

Jorge: What the hell does that mean man. What's that brown shit on your shirt and pants.

Carlos: Shit.

Jorge: You are f'd man. Why do I hang out with you.
by Teratoma69 June 14, 2011