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A fictional city that is the primary setting on the Super Hero role playing web site Metropolitan Mayhem ( metromayhem.net ). The web site describes it thusly:

"No, Superman doesn't live here. This is a completely different city. It has shining glass towers and seedy back alleys, just as you would expect, but recently it has been set apart by its growing population of Supers. It also has a reputation for housing strange wonders like mole people and underground catacombs. The more that flock to Metropolis, the more mayhem that ensues!"
"Metropolis is such an awesome city, what with all those awesome super heroes. I wish I lived there!"
by Tera-Watt March 17, 2009
America's suburb to the north.
Canada is to America as Agrestic is to Los Angeles
by Tera-Watt August 10, 2008

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