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1 definition by Teodor Orezscu

A sex act in which the male partner leans over a bed or other object and spreads his legs and the female uses a "Sharpie"-type marker to draw on the underside of his testicles. The most traditional method involves drawing "smiley faces" on both testicles or a "smiley face" on one and a "frowny face" on the other. Usually the act of drawing creates a tickly sensation that gives the male an orgasm; if this does not occur, the female may penetrate the man anally with a small bottle of lotion or conditioner or something similar. It is customary to "finish up" into a towel.
Dude, did you hear Tina gave Ray a commodore? Hella kinky!
by Teodor Orezscu September 26, 2008