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The defination of perfect complete with a sexy Finnish accent, top hat, gorgeous green eyes, and a skinny skateboarder boyfriend.
*Ville and Bam drunk and lying in bed together*
Bam: Doesn't it piss you off though?
Ville: What?
Bam: Like you know what you're god damn doing and these morons are on stage...
Ville: I don't know what I'm doing...Bam dear Bam...I don't know why I'm doing---I'm happy doing what I'm...we're doing as a band...
Bam: Quit being an idiot...quit being an idiot!
by Tenshi No Reyire January 04, 2005
A very handsome young skateboarder/prankster from West Chester, Pennsylvania. His brother Jess Margera is the drummer for the band cKy. He also created the cKy movies, was in the show Jackass, and has his own show called Viva La Bam. He loves the color purple.
One of his favorite bands is HIM from Finland. He is friends with the lead singer, Ville Valo. He also has directed some of their music videos.

And for additional info, not everyone who likes Bam found out about cKy and HIM through him. Some of us started liking Bam because of HIM.
Frantz: Do you want the light pink or white?
Bam: I think we should let Willa Walo decide on that one.
Ville: *grins* Willa Walo ...
by Tenshi No Reyire June 07, 2005
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