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Someone who is foul and disgusting in appearance, attitude, speech and/or deed even by ghetto standards.
Darnelle: I got busy with dis bitch last night, Yo! She did everything! She pissed on me, threw up in my mouth, shit on my chest, and put big ass beads in my ass!

Tavone: And you came here without a bath?! Damn, D! Get yo' nasty ass away from me, Yo!
by Tenacious Faulker June 06, 2011
Baseball analogy. Used when someone is moving up; usually applied to someone being promoted at work, but can be applied in most scenarios.

Antomyns: demmoted, fired, cut, dissed.
Pete, it looks like your pitching has caught the attention of the Yankees. Congrats! You're being called up to the bigs!

Jeff was asked to take over for his old boss. He was called up yeasterday.

Remember that hot girl from the bar who was out of my league? She called me to go out this Friday! Fellas, I'm being called up to the majors!

That stash of pot we confiscated from you turned out to be distribution weight which is now a federal crime, not state. You've made the big time; Federal prosecutors are calling you up, son!
by Tenacious Faulker October 18, 2009
A apologetic Youtube post expressing disappointment and/or disgust for indulging one's own guilty pleasure by visiting the "freak-show" side of the site despite having total internet anonymity.

Oh good. I'm on that weird part of youtube again
wowthatswonderful - 15 hours ago, 85 thumbs up

why why why why why why
DaleksinTopHats - 16 hours ago, 25 thumbs up

Biggest zit on planet, here we are again
AleWe - 1 hour ago, 5 thumbs up

I'm on that part of youtube again? How do I keep coming back here?!?!?!?!?!
TastesLikeChicken247 - 1 hour ago, 2 thumbs up
by Tenacious Faulker January 11, 2012
When an organization or community is doing poorly enough that its smartest people, seeing the writing on the wall, leave for better opportunities elsewhere. This is common in business and other organizations that perpetuate a common goal or mission and once purged it typically accelerates the demise of the organiztion.

For example: Facebook's poor stock performance since it's IPO and lack of favorable stock options for employees puts them at risk of brain drain. Many will likely head over to Google or Apple, but they'll be in trouble.
Mark Zuckerberg: Sheryl, can find me those repots on Zynga's...Hey?! Why are wearing a Google sweatshirt?!

Sheryl Sandberg: Sorry Mark. We had a good run, but your lack of focus on ad revenue and overvalued IPO has caused this drop in FB stock value with no end in sight. I and the others are leaving before the stock tanks.

Mark Z: The others? They're all leaving Facebook? You can't! We'll never survive this brain drain!

Sheryl: Yeah, sorry. You should've thought about that before going public.
by Tenacious Faulker August 03, 2012
A contraction of "nookie" and "book smart". Having the natural ability to read women perfectly in order to get laid.
a) Charlie is too damn nook smart for his own good. He'll never be someone's Mr. Right, but somehow always manages to be Mr. Right Now.

b) Just like how being book smart doesn't help on the streets, it's important to note that being nook smart isn't helpful in long term relatipnships.
by Tenacious Faulker December 21, 2010
Any woman who has the ability ejaculate during orgasm to the point of squirting -- like a dophlin squirting water from it's blow hole.
Man, forget hunting cougars, I'd rather have a dolphin!

Cytheria is the most famous dolphin in the porn industry.

"Squirting 101" is a series of low-budget porn movies where frat geeks fingerbang a b-grade, pornstar, dolphin in an attempt to convince the public that they're really not geeks using the guise of educating guys on how to achieve this lofty goal.
by Tenacious Faulker March 05, 2009
Condition identifiable by stretched, grizzled, dangling, and sometimes elongated flaps of skin that used to be the labia minor on an overworked porn star's (or college co-ed's) vagina.

Not to be misdiagnosed as vaganus.
Did you see the latest Jenna Jamison flick?
No, my doctor said I need to cut back on my daily consumption of bacon strips.
by Tenacious Faulker July 10, 2007

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